Sunday, January 21st, 2018 3:20 PM


Charley Gerard started The Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet in 2002. The current group is composed of Charley on alto sax, Jenny Hill on soprano sax, Justin Flynn on tenor sax, and Dimitri Moderbacher on baritone sax. Recently-added vocalist Adam Bohanan brings a powerful, soulful addition to the music. 

Together, they transport their audience everywhere, from New Orleans jazz clubs and the swinging sixties, to the soul jazz of the 70’s and the pages of poetry and popular culture. As its name implies, the group is as linked by its sense of humor as it is by its unique sound.


Composer Charley Gerard has been lauded by the Washington Post for his “humor and crossover composing skill,” and “lived-in feeling” of his music. The BRSQ group’s music often functions as a mosaic—artistically assembled bits of sound strung together by expert composing and perceptive performances from each of its members.

BRSQ has been described by Dr. Sherrie Maricle, the Leader of the Diva Jazz Orchestra and the Director of Education for the New York Pops Orchestra, as “one of the most unique, innovative music ensembles I’ve heard in recent years. Their arrangements are both original and exciting, encompassing all of the relevant emotions of music, from the subtle to the explosive.”